Friday, April 5, 2013

Finding That "Special" Buyer

  In the world of selling luxury or high-end properties, a Seller will often say "you just need to find that one "special" Buyer.  The same can be said however for any property or any product for that matter that is uniquely different from what one might consider to be outside the norm.  Is finding that one "special" Buyer enough?  My answer is no.
  Whether selling a property regardless of the price, a piece of artwork, a collector car or anything for that matter, finding that one "special" Buyer is essentially having just one Buyer.  Having only one Buyer puts the Seller, no matter what the product is at a real disadvantage.  They have no leverage.  Having only one Buyer does little to demonstrate the value or desirability of the product.  Further, while it lessens the leverage a Seller has to be able to effectively negotiate, the fact only one Buyer exists creates an element of doubt within that Buyer.  In terms of real estate, they're asking themselves why has no one made on offer on this house?  What's wrong with it?  Is it over priced?  Two or more Buyers validates the property as being desirable, is priced within reason and is worth going after.
  Personally I feel  the same about receiving a low-ball offer on a lisitng.  Even a low priced offer demonstrates or validates the desirability of the property.  Often I will be asked by another REALTOR® "have you had any offers?"  I would far rather have received a low ball offer allowing me to answer yes to the question than having to say no.  As with having only "one special buyer" you are also at a disadvantage in negotiating when you have had no prior offer.
  In order to get the best price for a Seller you need to "fill the room" so-to-speak with parties interested in the property.  While selling real estate is not an auction perse, creating an auction atmosphere with multiple potential Buyers is what is requird to get the job done and this is especially important when marketing a unique, one-of-a-kind high end listing for which the potential Buyer market is very small.  Focusing your efforts on finding that one "special" Buyer will seldom result in a successful sale and that's one of the most significant benefits of marketing a property online.  You're reaching a global audience, an audience that collectively can deliver several "special" Buyers at the same time.

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