Monday, December 10, 2012

Unnecessary Political Propoganda

  As difficult it is to do at times, I have in recent months tried to refrain from making politically charged comments but sometimes the urge simply cannot be suppressed!

 Recently when retrieving my mail from the post box I noticed the envelope with last month's hydro bill from Collus/Powerstream was thicker than usual.  Upon opening the envelope I like you, found a four page colour brochure extolling the virtues of the new recreational facilities the Town has committed to at a cost of about $12 million.
  Whether it proves to be a good decision or a bad one, the fact is the decision has been made so why this mailing was deemed necessary is beyond me.  Further, the Mayor in attempting to answer the plans critics was quoted in the Collingwood Connection a few weeks back as saying "Council has moved on." Then so be it, move on.  A four page colour brochure amongst other things touting the "Sprung" structures as a "Green Choice" seems rather contrary to being a green initiative given the paper and printing materials consumed in this pointless self congratulatory correspondence.

  While I appreciate all the hard work of our Town staff, I fail to see why our Mayor needs to keep reiterating as she did in the brochure that staff spent "45 days" developing this plan.  In my opinion, this was a slap in the face to the community volunteers that spent months of their own time developing the Central Park plan that was put forth and subsequently ignored.  To spend in excess of $12 million on recreational facilities that ultimately may not answer the community's longer term needs after a mere 45 day investigative process is nothing to be patting yourself on the back over.

  The only clear winner in all this so far is Sprung.  They have acquired a multi-million dollar contract and now have a nice four page full colour brochure attesting to how great they are.  I hope perhaps they at least paid for some if not all of it.

 What are your thoughts?


Bailey Rory said...
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Bailey Rory said...

I had no idea those fabric buildings could be so expensive. Although, I do kind of like the way they look.

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